Greetings From Good God!

Good God is like Cards Against Humanity, only goodlier!

The objective of Good God is simple: to be good god dammit! There’s only one tiny problem - we humans can’t seem to stop sinning! But fear not, there is a silver lining, as it appears that we are also experts at making amends for our sins and earning Good God's Graces...or are we?


A Sinner draws the following 20 cards from the Earthly Temptations stack:


My 3rd grade teacher


Instant coffee

Canned meat



Your Stepmom

Track coach

Plastic baggy

Non-stick spray

Kill bucket





Powdered energy drink




The Sinner then draws the following Oh So Sinful! card... :

'Inserted my ______ into_______while________my_______.'

...then selects this Remorseful Repentance Card:

'Helped my________with his/her_________and didn’t even ask for __________.'

The Sinner then chooses the most goodliest Earthly Temptation cards to fill in the blanks, forming a penitent plea to Good God in hopes of winning a God's Grace card.

The Sinner's plea could end up looking something like this:

‘Good God, I inserted my thumb into your stepmom while contemplating my canned meat

…But hey I’m not all that bad, because then I helped my track coach with her fingering and didn’t even ask for non-stick spray!'

After dutifully judging all of the Sinners' pleas, God Good chooses the most pious and awards the Sinner with one Good God Grace Card.

That concludes one round of Good God!

The role of Good God then goes to the next eldest Sinner and the play continues until all Oh So Sinful cards have been played.

At the end of the game, the Sinner with the most God's Grace cards becomes the Sinner-Winner!


1.0 Each Sinner draws twenty Earthly Temptations Cards.

1.1 The eldest Sinner is the first to play the role of Good God.

1.2 The remaining Sinners each draw one Oh So Sinful! card from 'The Satanic Stack O’ Sins'.

1.3 Each Sinner also draws three Remorseful Repentance cards.

1.4 After prayerful deliberation, the Sinner selects one Remorseful Repentance card that best 'compensates' for their Sin.

1.5 The Sinner conjures a Penitent Plea by using Earthly Temptation cards to fill on all the blanks of both the Oh So Sinful! card and the Remorseful Repentance card.

1.6 Then each Sinner takes a turn pleading for Good God's Grace, pronouncing:

“Good God I:

[reads text of Oh So Sinful! card with blanks filled in]

But hey I’m not all that bad, because then I:

[reads Remorseful Repentance card w/ blanks filled in].

So am I good now, God?”

1.7 God Good then decides which Sinner is the most penitent, and awards that Sinner with one Grace card.

1.8 The Sinners who were not selected keep their Confession Cards as a reminder of their impurity and the role of God Good passes to the second eldest Sinner and so forth and so on…


2.0 Before starting a round of Good God, every Sinner is graciously given one Indulgence card.

2.1 If a Sinner feels sufficiently confident that their Plea will win the favor of God Good, they may bet their Indulgence for a chance to win two Grace cards. If their Plea is not chosen, they lose their Indulgence and earn nothing but mockery.


3.0 When all of the Oh So Sinful! cards have been committed, it is time for Good God’s Final Judgment!

3.1 Naturally, the Sinner with the most Grace cards receives forgiveness and eternal exaltation. All other Sinners will most certainly burn in hell for eternity (or until Good God says otherwise).

3.2 In the event of a tie, a final round is played to determine who is the most penitent Sinner. Each Sinner draws one Oh So Sinful! card and one Remorseful Repentance card and creates the most compelling Plea that they can conjure!

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